Moving from v2.2 to v3.0rc

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In version 3.0 we made some changes to the way in which some of the configuration files are stored and loaded.

In version 3.0 we wanted to make it easy for a user to setup combinations of plugins and configurations (e.g. LQA Grid) and then swap them together. For example, if I am working on a translation job then I may have a certain plugin I want to use and some translation memory configuration. Then when I want to do a review job I may have a different plugin and a specific LQA Grid configuration. So it is now possible to group my translation setup and separately group my review setup and switch between them.

A side effect of moving from v2.2 to v3.0 is that Ocelot will want to create and load a default configuration.

When running Ocelot 3.0 for the first time it will display the following dialog:


Simply click the OK button. Ocelot will then continue to load.