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Ocelot Release 1.1

Ocelot 1.1 was released on August 28, 2014. Binaries can be downloaded from bintray. Source code is available on github.

Release 1.1 contains a number of fixes and improvements based on feedback from initial use.

Ocelot 1.1 requires Java 6.

More friendly inline tags

Version 1.1 will now display abbreviated tag markup in the segment table.

Improved Filter Rules UI

The UI for toggling active filter rules has been reworked. See Filtering Segments with the Rules UI for more information.

Additional Changes

Issue Type Key Summary
New Feature OC-2 Plug-in Configuration File
Improvement OC-3 More user friendly inline tags
Improvement OC-5 Native hotkey shortcuts for Mac
Improvement OC-6 Remembering file/directory history in open file dialog
Task OC-7 Upgrade pom.xml for sample plugins prior to 1.1 release
Improvement OC-9 Native Mac packaging
Improvement OC-10 Native Windows packaging
Bug OC-16 LQI removal does not update immediately in GUI
Bug OC-17 Provenance records are written out even if no provenance info is set in the tool
Bug OC-19 Can't access context menu for Remove Issue
Improvement OC-20 Ocelot does not warn you when you exit without saving your changes
Bug OC-21 Duplicated ITS namespace declaration
Improvement OC-22 Addition menu/keyboard drivers for LQI manipulation
Bug OC-23 Original Target not being saved
Bug OC-25 Multiple issues of the same type share the same comment
Bug OC-26 Empty target entry in alt-trans causes crash
Bug OC-27 Adding annotation with shortcut result in not displaying the current segment
Improvement OC-29 Ocelot doesn't warn the user when it can't write to a file while saving
Bug OC-30 "Reset target' will clear the target if no original target is set
Improvement None Improved "About" dialog
Improvement None Improved Mac OSX platform features (thanks to Aaron Madlon-Kay)