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Ocelot Release 3.0

Ocelot 3.0 was released on October 17, 2017. Binaries can be downloaded from bintray. Source code is available on github.

Ocelot 3.0 requires Java 8.

What's new in Ocelot 3.0

Release 3.0 contains several new features and bugs fixing.


Workspaces group together sets of configurations files for both core Ocelot and proprietary plug-ins. One of the core configuration files also now allows you to control how the main grid interface is laid out when Ocelot launches. This means you can both control which panels are visible and also which grid columns are visible.

Workspaces equate to named sub-folders so all configurations within a sub-folder get loaded together. You can also change and manage workspaces within Ocelot. This makes switching from say one content-type based task to another much easier than moving and copying various properties files around.



A spellchecking functionality is now available in Ocelot. To run the spellchecker on the current open document, select "Edit > Spellcheck" command from the Ocelot menu bar.

Download from LGK

If you have a key for Lingotek APIs then you can supply a document Id and Ocelot will retrieve the XLIFF file directly from the platform. NOTE: you cannot yet push the modified file back.

Save to Azure

If you have a Microsoft Azure Blob account then you can save your XLIFF file directly from Ocelot to a new blob.

Additional Changes


  • OC-47 - Persist visible column information
  • OC-85 - Display tag contents in left segment view and segment table mouseover
  • OC-86 - TM panel: highlight match differences between segment and TM source
  • OC-88 - Grouped Configuration Files
  • OC-89 - New external configuration for main grid


  • OC-87 - Wrong Original Targets with XLIFF 2.0
  • OC-101 - trans-unit's with a translate attribute value of "no" can still be edited.
  • OC-102 - Language quality issue assigned to the wrong segment when the segment table is sorted
  • OC-104 - Rendering on Mac makes editing impossible.
  • OC-105 - Remove issue from the flag column doesn't work
  • OC-110 - CDATA sections in Memsource XLIFF
  • OC-111 - Notes are not saved
  • OC-112 - Notes in XLIFF 2.0 document with multiple segments per unit
  • OC-115 - CDATA marker stripped in Memsource custom element
  • OC-118 - Find and Replace - found instances not highlighted Not Translatable Segments are hidden