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Ocelot uses the Okapi Pensieve Translation Memory engine. Pensieve is a format which is optimized for speed of fuzzy matching and match retrieval. For interoperability Ocelot can import and export translation memories in the open Translation Memory eXchange format (TMX).

To Import an Existing Translation Memory in TMX Format

1. Launch Ocelot and select View->Configure TM.


2. Clicking on the newly added row in the grid allows you so click the Settings button and configure the fuzzy match threshold and number of candidate match suggestions to show.


3. Click Save. At this point the TMX is converted to Pensieve format and added to your active Workspace configuration. For example, if your active Workspace is "Default" then the Pensieve files will be stored in Windows at C:\Users\<User>\.ocelot\config\Default\tm\<TMX Name>.

4. Once you open a file for editing and click on a row to edit, any translation memory matches will be displayed in the Translation Results window at the top of the Ocelot application window.


5. To accept the translation memory match you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl+R.


NOTE: Currently Ocelot Translation Memories are read-only. If you wish to add translations from your current editing session to the translation memory then you will need to do a manual export and merge operation.